Second day of "Joacim C F Bergman's single leg tactical super system" with great ideas for your own jiu-jitsu. 

Thank you all for participating from different jiu-jitsu and MMA schools around Estonia (M-Dojo, Hilti BJJ Pärnu, MMAces, 3D Treening, Võimla) and even from Rebel Team / Delariva Finland! Wohoo! 🎉

As we are following every persons jiu-jitsu development individually, small steps are very important for us as well big progresses are.

Small (yet) but already great person by his jiu-jitsu, Armin (9 years old) earned today his second stripe on his white belt. Honoured to guide this great personality on the beginning of his jiu-jitsu journey.

Also honoured to guide Mr Vaiko Välja on his jiu-jitsu journey. He is a great jiujiteiro and also giving his heart and time for jiu-jitsu what he loves to do beside to be with his family. Vaiko earned today his 4th stripe on his blue belt.

And now more important news will roll forward! 2 more brown belts in da Estonia now! Tarvo Saarkoppel and Sergei Marmeljuk! 2 jiujiteiros who drive jiu-jitsu classes also in Maardu at M-Dojo. Great teachers and with very good understanding of jiu-jitsu overall!

To everybody who was on the seminar today or otherwise training jiu-jitsu - keep on doing what you are doing - you make the world of jiu-jitsu only a better place!

And one more time BIG Thank's to Family Bergman having you visiting us. MERRY OSSSMAS!





Pärnu, Raba tn 1a
E 18:30 BJJ Gi
T 18:30 BJJ No Gi
R 19:00 BJJ Sparring
P 16:00 vaba matt